Step up the efficiency of your corporate communication

We live and operate in a fast-paced world with countless communication channels. As we navigate this evolving space, predicting trends and identifying emerging dynamics pose an ever-increasing challenge.

CAB was developed specifically to assist communicators across divisions in this task. From PR, IR and marketing to HR and compliance – CAB facilitates straightforward, real-time monitoring of moods and reactions.

Our clients’ efficiency in analyzing and evaluating their own communication measures is thereby maximized, paving the way for quick reactions and optimal decisions on subsequent steps.

Usability at its best

The user-friendly and intuitive CAB dashboard provides key information at a glance and in real time, helping you achieve your company’s short- and long-term communication goals:

  • Opinion about your company (“sentiment”).
  • Intensity of communication (“buzz”)
  • Weighting of your topics
  • Sentiment and buzz of news and posts over time

Further features, as well as details on social media news and posts, are always just a click away.

AI working just for you

CAB sources high-quality data from Stockpulse, a leading provider of Emotional Data Intelligence for financial companies. Stockpulse collects its datasets from more than 100 million global sources, monitoring 5 million messages per day on social media and public websites. CAB refines this data via an AI customized specifically for your company.

In addition, the CAB dashboard’s Microsoft PowerBI-based frontend can be adapted to your requirements and supplemented with existing applications.

CAB is accessible via the internet, an intranet or by integration into various existing platforms such as Microsoft Teams or SharePoint.

Our services for your CAB

Jaron&Amann supports its CAB clients every step of the way, from introduction to everyday use:

  • Advice on strategic use
  • Analysis of editorial processes
  • CAB license
  • Support with data selection
  • Integration support
  • Configuration support
  • User training
  • Sentiment monitoring
  • Editorial support for your corporate communications

Your benefits

Our tool has a lot to offer:

  • The latest Data Intelligence technology
  • Customizable AI
  • Unlimited data
  • Real early warning system
  • User-friendly application
  • Easy implementation
  • Greater efficiency in media monitoring
  • Freed-up resources available for other projects